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Welcome to GACH GROUP MPDT & AMT CO website! We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website, and that you will find a lot of useful information here. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and services. You can find detailed information about our products and services online or contact us.

Your Contracts Partner:

Since 1993 metals mining company, GACH GROUP & MPDT Mining Company's rich history of mining has distinguished ​it as a respected precious metals and plastic producer. GACH GROUP & MPDT is the largest mineral producer and as a Mining company focused mining and exploration company with an operating in any diferently mines and minerals in turkey and other products, activities in foods, electro/elektronic, solar, energy sectors. 




We continually strive to be a great company. GACH GROUP is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. GACH GROUP conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. GACH GROUP  is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates' capabilities. GACH GROUP continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on workers' safety.



GACH ADDIATIVES:  of GACH GROUP , supplies healthy, delicious and sustainably food products and addiatives all in food grades; calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, oils in high quality and natural products. 


We serve our customers products are  always controlled, testet in Lab and kept in our Quality countrol systems:  ISO 9001 and 10002 certificates and HACCP. 


For your Sales Contact, please send us an e-mail. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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