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We serve our customers products are always controlled, tested in Lab and kept in our Quality control systems with:  

  • ISO 9001 

  • ISO 10002 


  • HELAL OIC/SMIIC 1:2019                                                            



As all the staff:
Until the end-user arrives, all of our customers are qualified to meet the current and future demands and needs of the customers at the highest possible level.

  •  Lower waste

  •  At a lower cost,

  •  As soon as possible,

  •  With a robust and constantly evolving quality system

  •  In a clean, orderly and reliable working environment, 

  • Carry out with our zealous employees with a corporate culture based on mutual love, respect, continuous development and education.

  •  We are able to maintain our confidence in our modern business approach with an increasing trend.                                                       

                                                                  GENERAL MANAGER 

                                                           Fahrettin Örnek


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